One of my favorite things about crafting is making sweet projects for my friends and family who have life events worth celebrating. I’m the go-to person for every baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party and christening and crafts work both for décor at the event as well as gift-giving.

Some people find gift cards to be so impersonal but I think there’s no better gift to receive. To make it a little more personal, I like to put it in a homemade card that speaks to the interests of the person.  For example, when my sister Gloria had her son Harry, I did a whole Harry Potter themed card and baby shower.  People loved it!

We had games and craft tables and snacks – all Harry Potter themed.  From the butterbeer cupcakes to the wand-making station to the trivia corner, everyone was running around have so much fun and I got to sit back and admire my work feeling proud and wistful and honored.

This also saved my sister hundreds of dollars on professional planners and decorations.  Crafting is often considered to be an expensive hobby, but my store is reasonably priced and I’ll help you meet a price point should you arrive with one in mind!

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