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Pinterest can be a godsend to us crafters. It’s such a great way to explore options, get feedback from people who like the same things, and bookmark the little things so that you have them in your back pocket should you need a quicky idea.  My store has a pinterest page you can follow and everything I pin there is something you can make with supplies from my store.

If you’re not tech-savvy, just stop in and we can explore options together! I’ll let you know the skill level required, a price point to expect, an idea of the hopeful outcome, and hopefully send you on your way with everything you’ll need at a reasonable price.

I also lost all of my own personal crafting on the store’s Instagram and Facebook pages, not only to convince you to come visit the store, but to demonstrate ideas. I also like to put up my best crafting fails because I don’t want anyone out there to think that I never fuck up these projects.  I have an entire hashtag committed to demonstrating my failures!

I haven’t been clear enough about this yet: crafting is about the process, not the product.  Not everything you make is going to be cute or useful or valuable, but the process almost always is.

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