Weatherizing your Crafts

Have you ever considered how your climate may affect your projects? Here in the Gulf Coast, it tends to be pretty hot and pretty humid. This may not have much of an effect on textile crafts, but paper crafts get a little trickier.  Humidity dampens the paper to a degree which is ok, as long as you’re expecting it. And some glues and adhesives don’t quite cut it with this munch moisture in the air.

That said, we’re on the coast so there are lots of fun coastal craft supplies that you can find yourself by just taking a walk along the beach. Shells, agates, rocks, driftwood, etc can all be great for crafting especially if you’re working with some sort of coastal theme.

We’re also not too far from New Orleans, and I know lots of us like to get away for long weekends in the Big Easy. New Orleans is a great city to find impromptu craft supplies whether that be inexpensive trinkets from the tourist shops (I especially like the voodoo themed stuff!) or simply the abundance of beads everywhere all the time!

Once you start looking around you, you’ll start seeing more and more!

Speaking of locality, I’ve been reflecting lately about how pleased I am that my former employer, a personal injury law firm, is still local so that I can stay in touch with former colleagues and maintain a social life.  Crafting can be a very solitary hobby (unless you take advantage of our great rental group space!) so I’ve found it to be very helpful to maintain a social life when my boys are with their dad.

Between my ex-husband’s and my law careers, we’ve worked at a lot of different legal firms and this was the only one where I ever felt like our legal services provided more benefit to the clients than to the attorneys.  That’s not something everybody can say about their personal injury law practice!

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