Crafting Yourself Into Who You Want to Be

I’ve been getting the feeling lately that people find crafting to be a hobby, a pastime, entertainment for lonely under-stimulated pinterest junkies.  While this CAN be true, it is certainly not the rule.

There are many studies to suggest that performing a coordinated series of movements can improve brain capacity which can contribute to a sense of calm and satisfaction that comes along with creating a plan, carrying it out and having something to show for it.  There is a great deal of proof that these kinds of activities can also help with anxiety and attention deficit disorders as they take up down time with low-pressure engagement.

For moms, it’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate to your children that manual labor can be rewarding and encouraging.  Creativity must be encouraged in children, especially in the time where the internet and video games and media dominate the brains of children.

Further, concentration and focus can limit negativity and distract from active problems; repetitive motion can be calming and allows for contemplation; and knitting circles and crafting groups for parents AND their kids is a great way to get together and form a community.

This is why my shop has a small back room for crafting circles. Inquire with me about renting it out!

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