Novice Crafting: Accessories

My husband used to love to buy me jewelry, and I used to love to accept it. Now that I know most of it was tainted because he was using it to absolve his guilt for sleeping with his law practice’s secretary, Nancy for three years, I’m a little less fond of it. This is why I sold most of it.

So now when I have an event to go to or a reason to dress up, I like to create my own accessories. One of my favorites uses pistachio shells, cardboard and nail polish!  First, pour yourself a glass of wine and have a snack of pistachios.  Set the shells aside until you’re ready to begin.

Pick your nail polish colors and get to painting the shells – don’t forget to use a no-chip top-coat.  Then begin hot-gluing the shells to a small (or large, your call!) cardboard bib of whatever shape you like. Some people like to do ombre colored, what a trend, and some like to do one color or one color family. This allows so much flexibility!! Stop by the store, show me what your dress looks like, I’ll help you design the necklace!

Now you want to let the bib dry for a day or so before affixing a necklace (chain or my personal favorite, braided thread) and wearing out.  You’ll get so many compliments you’ll wonder why you ever wore diamonds!

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