Novice Crafting: Textiles

Maybe you have a bunch of fabric strips lying around from a project and you don’t know what to do with them. Crafting is a great way of taking scraps and turning them into décor. This could be a good project to get your kids involved on a rainy day. It’s not like their dad ever has them do anything tactile when he has them one weekend a month – he just plops them down in front of Netflix while he does some work at his desk.  You gotta engage the mind!

My kids names begin with L and W so I cut out two big cardboard letters to match. I then gave them a big sack of fabric straps and buttons and needles and thread.  For about an hour and a half they sat quietly suffixing the goods onto the letters until they each had a big door tag for their bedrooms with their first initial.

Ok so this isn’t exactly YOU crafting. But it’s something to keep your kids busy while you work on a t-shirt tote. We all have a million old t-shirts lying around from footraces, events, the dresser drawer your ex-husband never cleaned out, etc. The ones that are cute enough not to be made into rags but not quite wearable anymore, let’s make a tote bag!

First, pour yourself a glass of wine and take your t-shirt and cut off the sleeves and collar. Cut the bottom (front and back) into little strips – picture a bulletin where you pull off a strip on the bottom with the phone number. Do this to the front and back of the bottom of the shirt.  With the shirt inside out, tie corresponding strips on the front side and back site of the shirt together, so that the bottom is now sealed by little knots. Flip the shirt back right side out. The knots will now be on the inside of the tote and you can clip the strips.

Hey! Look! Now you have a tote bag, your kids have door tags, and everybody is just a little happier!

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